Free Sizing Samples

Want to try before you buy?

Contact us and we’ll send you a sizing sample for free.

We even include a pre-paid return label.

How to order a sizing sample

  1. Fill out the request form or call us.

  2. Let us know what size you’d like to try on.

  3. We mail the sample.

  4. Send the sample back in 2 weeks and there’s no charge!

How to use the sizing sample

The key to getting the perfect size is making sure the sample jacket fits in the chest and shoulders.
Then if needed, we can make adjustments to the sleeve and body lengths.

  1. Make sure the jacket fits through the chest and shoulders. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a different size.

  2. Need sleeve or body length adjustments?

    • - Sleeve fit. With arms straight down at your side the outter edge of the cuff should reach the crease between your hand and wrist.
    • - Body length fit. The bottom trim should sit at least as low as the beltline, maybe slightly lower depending on personal preferences.
    • - Make sure to factor in future growth.

Write down how many inches you’d like added or taken away from each - and keep that info for ordering.

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