Sizing Guide
All of our letterman jackets are unisex. As a general rule, your jacket size will be similar to whatever men’s sweatshirt size you wear.

If you’d like to try on a sizing sample, contact us and we’ll send you one for free. We even include a prepaid UPS return label. Trying on a sample jacket is the best method to determine your size.

Using our sizing chart is another good way to determine your size. We can add or take away up to 3” from the sleeves or body length. So if you’re tall & skinny or short & stocky, don’t worry! We can customize a fit that’s perfect for you.

Steps to Selecting Your Size:

1. Measure your chest
Stand straight up with your arms down at your sides. Measure from the middle of your chest, go under the armpit, around your back, under the armpit, and stop at the middle of your chest.

2. Measure your arm length
Stand straight up with your arms down at your sides. Measure from the middle of the back of your neck to where your wrist meets your hand.

3. Compare to the letterman jacket size chart
If your sizes fit in the below chart, you’re good to go. If they don’t, contact us. One of our jacket experts will help you select the perfect size.
Chest 30" - 32" 33" - 35" 36" - 38" 39" - 41" 42" - 43" 44" - 46" 47" - 49" 50" - 52"
Arms 30" - 31" 32" - 33" 33" - 34" 34" - 35" 35" - 36" 35" - 36" 37" - 38" 37" - 38"

Below are some examples of measurements and what jacket size they would equal.

  •     38” Chest, 34” Arms, 5’7” Height = M Jacket with no changes to Sleeves or Body
  •     43” Chest, 37” Arms, 6’0” Height = XL Jacket with Sleeves lengthened 1” and no changes to the Body.
  •     39” Chest, 33” Arms, 5’8” Height = L Jacket with Sleeves shortened 1” and Body shortened 1”
  •     30” Chest, 33” Arms, 5’5” Height = XS Jacket with Sleeves lengthened 2” and Body lengthened 2”
1. Our jackets are unisex, so it is important to thoroughly measure yourself vs. going off a size you normally would buy at a department store.
2. We cut the jackets bigger than your actual chest dimensions, so that it will fit comfortably when buttoned even with a sweater or hoodie on. There is no need to accommodate for extra room unless you plan on growing a lot in the next year or two.
3. If you want your jacket more form-fitting, go down a size from what your chest measurement indicates, and lengthen the body and/or arms if needed.
4. Need additional sizing help? Contact us: 206-331-4125 - or -